Meet ricardo herrera

Ricardo Herrera has been heavily involved in art from a young age, his professional art background stems from studying Media Art and Animation at the Art Institute of Portland to working various positions in film including; Art Director, Set Designer/Builder, Prop Design/Builder, Scenic Artist, etc.

With a tattoo career spanning over a decade. He offers tattooing in most disciplines offering these services: Custom Body Art, Eyeliner, Eyebrows, Lip Blush, Etc.

Meet johnny herrera

Johnny Herrera, a tattoo artist with several years experience on a wide range of styles and techniques. Johnny has trained and become certified through some of the top training programs available including PhiBrows, PhiScalp, LDRs Academy along with trainings from several Masters of the Elite Artist Circuit. He is our resident Scalp expert specializing in Scalp Micropigmentation.

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Meet jennifer mclellan

“Painless” Jen Mclellan One of the original women tattoo artists in the nation with over 30 years of professional tattoo experience. An expert in coverups and with a wide range of tattoo styles Jen has got you covered, she also offers Permanent Cosmetic services such as Powder Brows, Areola and Eyeliner Etc.

Painless Jen is an award-winning tattooist who has been professionally tattooing since 1986. She loves bright color work, especially floral designs, and realistic black and gray work. She likes to read, box, and is an avid rockhound.

Meet Briana Aguila

Hey to all my ink lovers out there! My name is Briana, I was born in California but I was raised here in the Rogue Valley. Black and Grey, Realism and Fine Line tattoos are my true passion, although I’m always up for a challenging and custom art piece. Ever since I was a little girl, everyone I shared my art with told me I had a “gift”, naturally I wanted to pursue my art skills and become the best artist I could be! I graduated from high school in June and started tattoo school just a few days after. When I’m not tattooing or creating art I’m out doing some fun outdoor adventures, or enjoying a good movie or two. I aim for all my clients to love their new ink and have a fun and enjoyable experience

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Meet Braquel Roberts

Hi my name is Braquel. I originally attended tattoo school in Bend Oregon. From there I received my state license as a Body Art Practitioner and took a special interest in Permanent Makeup. I love giving my clients a confidence boost by enhancing their natural beauty! The services I currently offer include; lip blushing, microblading, powder brows, eyeliner, saline tattoo removal, areola restoration and faux freckles. Over the last few years I’ve continued to take advanced permanent makeup courses to ensure I’m providing the latest techniques and giving my clients the best results possible. In my free time I enjoy snowboarding, concerts, rock climbing & traveling.

Meet Catelynn Anderson

Hey guys my name’s Catelynn and I’m a new tattoo artist here in Medford! I recently moved here with my boyfriend from Colorado and decided shortly after that I want to pursue tattooing. I just graduated from tattoo school! I’ve drawn/painted here and there throughout my life and am completely self taught. Tattooing has helped motivate me to consistently create artRight now I’m loving fine-line, black&grey, and of course stipple/pepper shading. But I’m open to new things, as I want to learn so much more and be diverse in style!

Meet Amber Fogel

I’m Amber, a self taught artist that was born and raised in the Rogue Valley. I just graduated from tattoo school and am exploring my strengths. My focus, currently, is on black and grey. I am new to the scene and have already had a lot of great feedback from established artists. I am excited to make a name for myself within the tattooing community. I spend most of my free time drawing or painting as well as all of the classic Oregon activities- Snowboarding, hiking, rafting, and going to shows! I also love spending time with my friends, family and pets. I’m dedicated to my craft and my goal is to provide every person a comfortable environment and a beautiful piece of artwork that both myself and my client treasure

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