Permanent eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner is a cosmetic tattoo that carries with it a variety of outstanding results.  From a thin line nestled in the lashes to add depth and drama to the eye, without anyone knowing, to a thicker line with or without a wedge or a wing.  Add some powder dust in charcoal, or choose a color you love, the customization possibilities are endless.  Permanent eyeliner is exceptionally long lasting and eliminates the daily chore of application.  Clients come to us for permanent eyeliner because they have busy lives, have poor eyesight and/or shaky hands, have alopecia or have sparse lashes.  They like the idea of waking up with makeup and looking their best 24/7.

Clients are both women and men and results range from subtle to dramatic, all depending on the design chosen. Treatment is comfortable, with anesthetic applied throughout, and takes about 2 hours.  A touch up session is scheduled about 6 weeks after initial treatment, but some clients find they do not need much or any adjustment. A color boost on an annual or semi-annual basis is always recommended to keep the treatment looking fresh.

lip blushing

A lip blush permanent makeup treatment is a subtle, beautiful cosmetic tattoo that restores lip contour and adds the slightest bit of fullness. A lip blush can achieve minor corrections to asymmetry of the lips as well.  Clients enjoy having a fresh kissable lip color requiring only a little bit of gloss or nothing at all.  A lip blush gives you back the lips you were born with.  It is quite common for lips to appear smaller or lose shape as we age.  This is the single and only treatment that corrects that.

An added bonus is that the act of tattooing the lip tissue actually stimulates the generation of collagen which restores tissue health within the skin. A very effective numbing agent is applied throughout treatment for client comfort.  A second session is always scheduled; however, it is common for clients to be happy with their lip blush color after only one treatment.

Areola restoration

The extraordinary art of tattoo has never been more proudly applied than in the creation of three- dimensional areola.  While the most notable need for this service is to recreate lost areola for male and female mastectomy patients, there are, in fact, many other reasons our clients find us.  Post breast augmentation, or reduction can sometimes affect the appearance of the areola and a correction is required.  Individuals like body builders and dancers often look us up to add color, enlarge or address asymmetry. We are able to reconstruct a complete areola on flat skin, and have extensive experience working with scarred and/or compromised skin in order to yield optimal results.  If a surgeon has created a DIEP flap, the application remains the same and we simply work with the flap to deliver results that are imperceptible from the real thing.  We match colors to your skin tone and use advanced techniques to create as much detail as the client requests.