SMP For Men

Men who are losing or have lost their hair are looking toward SMP as the newest and most cost-effective hair loss remedy to come out of the last several decades.  Scalp Micropigmentation for men involves the tattooing of hair follicles to the areas of baldness.  On a full head, the final appearance is one of a stylishly shaved head with a slight “5 o’clock shadow”.   The hairline is meticulously recreated to best complement your features and, over 3 to 5 sessions, the artist gradually builds density.  Someone standing next to you will be unable to tell the difference from a shaven head—that is how realistic each hair follicle appears.  There is no daily maintenance other than the expected after-care to your treatment.The results are long lasting, and the look is on trend.  No more struggling with combovers and no more fear of windy days.  SMP is non-invasive and non-surgical and clients can even return to work the same day.  Whether a full scalp or bald patches, SMP can be the answer you have been looking for.

SMP For women

Women lose their hair for a variety of reasons.  While mainly hormonal it is not uncommon for women to experience a receding hairline as they get older.  Most often women seek out SMP services to address the appearance of the scalp skin beneath the areas of thinning hair.  The application of tattooed hair follicles specifically to the localized areas eliminates the appearance of the scalp, enabling our lady clients to style their hair as they once did.   Treatment is comfortable and accomplished gradually over 3 to 5 sessions.  Even if the hair grows back there is no downside to SMP as the follicles themselves are not affected.  In fact, sometimes the very act of tattooing can stimulate some follicles into regrowth—from a dormant to an active stage.  Wigs and hair pieces do impede lifestyle and require maintenance.SMP, once fully healed, requires no upkeep other than a color refresh occasionally.  The pigment used is selected to match the natural hair color and the treatment blends in flawlessly.  SMP for hair density it non-invasive and has no down time.

SMP For Scarring

The scalp is home to the thickest skin on the entire body and serves the purpose of protecting our most important organ.  It contains the most blood vessels and when it is injured, because of this, it will bleed a great deal.  It will also scar, therefore, clients who have had previous hair transplants or who have suffered injury to the scalp will likely have dense scars from which hair will no longer grow.  Scalp Micropigmentation can be done on and within scarred tissue successfully with advanced skill and precision.  Tattooing hair follicles around the scar hides its appearance.  There is an added benefit to this treatment for scarring, since the act of tattooing over a scar can also serve to break up the fibrous tissue, leading to a smoothing of the scarred area.If a hair transplant has been unsuccessful, the scars left behind are quite noticeable and are all over the scalp.  Our advanced artists can mask these scars and give you the stylish look of a shaven head.  The treatment is comfortable and there is no surgery involved.

SMP For Alopecia

Alopecia is a term that covers a wide variety of types of hair loss.  However, we most commonly understand it as a complete loss of hair on the scalp or the body.  It is unknown what causes alopecia; however, the most common prevailing belief is that it is an auto-immune disorder that attacks the hair follicles. It can be very emotionally upsetting for our clients since it can occur quite suddenly.   The skin of an alopecia client is known to be quite sensitive.  To achieve successful scalp micropigmentation on skin with alopecia requires advanced understanding and skill.  At Blue Steel we are experienced with alopecia clients, giving them incredible results.  We go slowly, taking 3 to 5 sessions to gradually build up a natural look while carefully respecting the skin during each session.SMP for alopecia is suitable for both men and women.  The scalp is gently tattooed with hyper-realistic looking hair follicles, giving the appearance of a shaven head.  Should hair regrow at some point, the hair follicle remains intact and unaffected.  Our treatments restore confidence and smiles.  Always trust experience and expertise.